Gold Saving Schemes

The Super Best Gold Saving Scheme builds your gold assets at regular intervals for healthy financial stability.

Gold Wallet

For every gold jewellery purchase

Benefits of Gold Wallet

  • Here you can buy gold units of 916 gold for as small as Rs 100 @ market price.
  • You can keep adding gold units to ur wallet for any amount for any number of time in a month. The gold you purchase in a month will be stored in your wallet.
  • Not only that just like your bank where u receive interest @ 4%.But we will be giving you 9 % for the gold you save in your gold wallet
  • You can use this gold in ur wallet to buy gold jewellery just as you buy with your gold coins that you have
  • You can redeem uour gold after 6 months and within 12 months with interest
  • You can also redeem your gold before 6 months but you'll not be paid any interest

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